The first year in which I have time to take on proper consulting work is 2015.

2015-2016  appointed to evaluate the African Storybook Project for SAIDE in three different sites – Johannesburg, Kenya and Uganda.

2017 -2019 appointed to do the mid term evaluation of Neil Butcher and Associates’ business model and restructuring of the Molteno project.

In addition, I’ve been appointed to do in-class PD work with Grade 1 and Grade 2 teachers at the first enquiry-based school in Johannesburg.

Past consulting work includes:

  • advice to funders on a reading programme for learners; beginning to read in English as an additional language;
  • evaluation of a dual language education programme for the SABC;
  • forensic linguistic analysis;
  • training of librarians in working with researchers;
  • training in postgraduate supervision; and
  • research evaluation of academics for appointment or tenure.

Please contact me via email or using the form below to discuss your consulting requirements:

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