The first year in which I had time to take on proper consulting work was 2015.

2015-2016  appointed to evaluate the African Storybook Project for SAIDE in three different sites – Johannesburg, Kenya and Uganda.

2017 -2019 appointed to do the mid term evaluation of Neil Butcher and Associates’ business model and restructuring of the Molteno project.

2019 Evaluation of the Marang Centre for Mathematics and Science Education, for the School of Education, University of the Witwaterand.

2019 Member of the team appointed by the Deputy Vice Chancellor Research at the University of the Witwatersrand to evaluate the Universities PhD programmes across Faculties for submission to the Council of Higher Education.

In addition, I’ve been appointed to do in-class PD work with Grade 1 and Grade 2 teachers at the first enquiry-based school in Johannesburg, Pioneer Academy, Ormonde.

2019-2021 Appointed to the National Research Foundation‘s rating committee for research in the field of Education.

Past consulting work includes:

  • advice to funders on a reading programme for learners; beginning to read in English as an additional language;
  • evaluation of a dual language education programme for the SABC;
  • forensic linguistic analysis;
  • training of librarians in working with researchers;
  • training in postgraduate supervision; and
  • research evaluation of academics for appointment or tenure.

Please contact me via email or using the form below to discuss your consulting requirements:

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