Keynote addresses

Below is a list of my keynote addresses, from 1993 to most recent:

1993     Australian Association for the teaching of English, Keynote address, Developing Critical Language Awareness Materials for a post-apartheid South Africa, Adelaide, Australia, July.

1993     First International conference of the Australian Reading Association, Closed meanings in open schools Melbourne, Australia.

1995     Critical Discourse Analysis Seminar, University of South Australia, Adelaide. Critical Discourse Analysis as a Research Tool.

1996     Plenary address, ACTA-ATESOL (NT) National conference and 7th TESOL in Teacher Education Conference, Critical Language Awareness: Theory and Practice, Darwin, Australia.

1996     Featured speaker, English Language Educational Trust, 11th Annual Language Development through Language Use conference for ESL teachers and teacher educators, hosted by the Department of Linguistics, Natal University. 1996: Why we still need Critical Language Awareness in South Africa.

1997     English Teachers Connect International Conference: Global diversity and local connections, University of the Witwatersrand. Granville, S. et al English with or without g(u)ilt: A position paper on language in education policy for South Africa.

1998     Invited speaker to the Loss of Communication in the Information Age Conference on the occasion of Austria’s European Community Presidency, Vienna, Austria 26 – 29 November. Paper entitled We rewrote the book: Constructions of literacy in South Africa

1999     Plenary speaker at the Joint National Conference of the Australian Federation of Modern Language Teachers Associations Inc, the Australian English Teachers Association, the Australian Literacy Educators Association Global Citizenship Languages and Literacies, Adelaide Australia 6- 9 July, 1999. Paper entitled Critical Literacy for Reconstruction.

2000     Keynote address at the Summer Institute, Mount Saint Vincent, Hallifax, Canada 14 July 2000. Domination, diversity, access and design: A synthesis model for Critical Literacy.

2000     Invited speaker at the Anangu Teacher Education Programme conference, Ernabella on Anangu Lands, South Australia, 19 – 20 August 2000. Language in education policy in colonial contexts.

2001     International Reading Association, Pre-conference Institute on Critical Perspectives on Literacy: possibilities and practices in New Orleans, United States of America, 29 April 2001. Paper entitled Critical Literacy: Models, methods and motivations.

2001     Critical Literacy: Beyond Reason. Keynote address at the Australian Association for Research in Education. Crossing Borders, New Frontiers for Educational Research. Freemantle, Australia, 2-6 December 2001.

2002     Critical literacy: deconstruction and reconstruction. Keynote address paper presented at the Annual Convention of the National Council of Teachers of English Celebrating the Languages and Literacies of our lives. Atlanta, Georgia, 21 to 26 November 2002

2003     The access paradox. The Eighth International Federation of Teachers of English Conference, Melbourne, Australia, July 2003. Transforming Literacies, changing English, elsewheres of potential.

2004     Like guy ropes on a tent: An interdependent model of critical literacy. Invited speaker to the Annual Symposium of the Academy of Science The role of Social and Human Sciences in South Africa, 29 October, University of Cape Town, South Africa.

2005     Exploring English Language Learning and Identity Symposium. Paper entitled: The interplay of grammar, meaning and identity. Invited by the Council for TESOL Associations (ACTA) and ESL Educators of South Australia to speak at a Symposium on English Second Language Education, in Adelaide, Australia, 1-2 October, 2005.

2006     Invited speaker: Creative Partnership seminar: considering creativity in local and global contexts, 16 March 2006, University of Sheffield. Paper entitled Reconciliation pedagogy in post-apartheid classrooms: From the personal to the political

2006     Opening keynote address, AATE/ALEA National Conference. Hearing the Voices, Feeling the Vibes, Capturing the Visions. 2-5 July 2006, Darwin, Australia. Paper entitled The place of design in a theory of critical literacy.

2007     Keynote address National Council of Teachers of English Research Conference, February 2007, Nashville Tennessee. Paper entitled: The place of design in a theory of critical literacy.

2007     Plenary address, LERN conference, July 2007, Johannesburg South Africa. Paper entitled: Change difference and creativity: a perspective from the Cradle of Humankind.

2008     The right to literacy. Keynote paper, the THRASS Talk together conference, Wits University, Johannesburg, January 2008.

2008     Writing: A critical literacy perspective. American Education Research Association Annual conference, March 2007, New York. Invited by the Writing Special Interest group.

2009     Writing: A critical literacy perspective. Invited speaker, Writing Development Multiple Perspectives International Conference, Institute of Education, London, 2-3 July, 2009.

2010     Language power and pedagogy. Keynote address to the Reading Association of South Africa conference, Port Elizabeth, 1-3 October 2010.

2010     ‘District 9’ and constructions of the other: implications for heterogeneous classrooms. Keynote address, Conference on Culturally Responsive Research and Pedagogy, University of Waikato, November 2010.

2010     May You Live in Interesting Times”: Critical Literacy in South Africa. Keynote address to 60th annual meeting of the Literacy Research Association, USA, in Fort Worth Texas, 1-4 December 2010.

2011     Xenophobia and Constructions of the Other. Plenary address, International Mobility, Language and Literacy conference, Cape Town, 19-21 January 2011.

2011     The importance of critical literacy. Keynote address presented at the 10th conference of the International Federation of Teachers of English, April 2011, Auckland, New Zealand

2011     Critical Literacy and the question of empowerment: Taking a stand. Keynote paper presented at the United Kingdom Literacy Association Annual conference, Chester, England, 15-17 July, 2011.

2011     Critical writing. Sociolinguistics and Writing Symposium, Open University, Milton Keynes, Plenary address.

2012     Plenary address: Critical literacy questions: what do they look like and why do they matter? Institute for the Study of English in Africa, Grahamstown, teachers’ conference: Plenary address. Critical literacy questions: what do they look like and why do they matter?

 2012     Critical literacy questions in teaching and research, Literacy without Borders Keynote address: Symposium, University of Göteborg, Sweden, 24-26 October, 2012.

2013     Keynote address to the Summer Institute University of Hallifax, Mississauga, July. Paper entitled, ‘The ongoing importance of critical literacy in education’.

2013     Invited as the featured guest to present a keynote address entitled ‘The ongoing importance of critical literacy in education’, and two workshops at the Centre of English Literacy and Thinking summer symposium, 21-23 July 2013, New York. Celt is made up of senior scholars in the USA concerned with education, literacy and thinking.

2013     Opening keynote address: Texts are positioned and positioning: the promise of a critical literacy approach in language educötion. Keynote address to the conference of the Svenska med didaktisk inriktning (Didactics in the subject Swedish) Association and the Association for Nordiskt nätverk för modersmålsdidaktisk forskning (Nordic Research on Mothertongue Didactics) held at the University of Göteborg, Sweden 6 December 2013.

2015   Keynote address, International Federation of Teachers of English, New York USA. July 2014. Critical literacy and the social justice project of education.

2015   Invited presentation for election to the Reading Hall of Fame, International Reading Association Annual Meeting, July 2014. Interdependent model of critical literacy.

2016   Plenary address, 5th International Conference on Multicultural Discourses: Multi-, Inter- or Trans- cultural communication: reflections29 November to 1 December, University of São Paulo, Brazil. Reflections on Critical Discourse Analysis in contexts of diversity: Rhetoric, lies and bullshit.

2017   Invited to present at a cross-disciplinary seminar Things you really need to know: Awareness raising as a socio-cultural practice, at the University of Konstanz, Germany, 12-14 October. Paper entitled: Critical Discourse Analysis in a post-truth world.

2019 Toronto Writing Project, Ontario Institute of Education, Spring Institute. Interdependent Model of Critical Literacy.

2019 Letras Para Volar 28-29 July, University of Guadalajara, Mexico. Keynote address: Critical Literacies: Theories and pedagogical practices.

2019 1st International Conference on Research of Integration, Migration and Digitalization in Europe 3-4 October 2019, Örebro University. Keynote address: Sweden, District 9 and Constructions of the Other.

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