IMG_0054I have two major interests: gardening and beadwork, both of which provide a creative space that puts me in touch with the processes of making.

Additionally, they connect me to my African roots, in that Africa’s beadwork and flora give me a profound sense of place.

I have learnt to listen to the objects I work with and to experiment without a fixed idea of how the process will unfold.

IMG_4368I understand that objects have agency and that making responds unpredictably to the different affordances of colour, shape, texture and size.

My creative plans are shaped by the process and my imagination working in unexpected ways.


I enjoy designing gardens using the shape, texture and colours of leaves to create structure and interest.

I particularly like working with plants that are indigenous to South Africa, but I am not a purist.


I make jewellery with beads.

Although I work with all kinds of beads, I prefer using African beads and an African aesthetic.

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